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Mar/26/05- I added a picture for Othello, some for Only the Ring Finger Knows, and a bunch of pics for Under the Glass Moon. I also got the first volume summary for Power (Girl Got Game) up.

Dec/26/04- I'm still alive! I finally got my computer and all my programs working. Anyway, I added a page for the series Under the Glass Room, Tokyo Babylon, Othello, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Kaikan Phrase, and Legal Drug. Now I just have to figure out how to get my scanner working....

Jun/30/04- I added a pages for the manga FAKE and Eerie Queerie!, both with lots of pictures. Those images better all show up, it took me forever to scan them. I, also, added two new stories to the Short Stories page (Step and A Toast to the Nape of Your Neck). I'll added the short stories from the end (err...half-way point) of Girl Got Game (Power!!) next time.

Jun/18/04- I added long, detailed episode summaries for Gals! DVD 6. I added two new affiliates. I'm sooo sorry it took me so long to add you guys.

May/22/04- I added pictures and more character bios on the Gravitation page. I added a page for Snow Drop, complete with pictures.

Apr/16/04- Check out the Paradise Kiss page!!! I have changed all of the images (which I know were horrible on that page). I, also, added a little bit about the last volume. I changed the large image on the X/1999 page from Aoki to a cute Yuzuriha pic. I added a pic to the Weiis Kreuz page. I added two new buttons to link to me with.

Apr/09/04- I have found the lost episode summaries for the Gals! episodes 6-14. *does a little happy dance* I added the summaries for those episodes (which are found under DVD 2 and 3).

Apr/08/04- I added a page for Weiss Kreuz. Yes, I know this is NOT a shoujo series, but let's face it, most of the audience is female. I've been obsessing over this seies lately, so I just had to make a page for it. Even though it may seem out of place... I'll try to update more. I have some pictures to add as well as another series page. Ugh... no time! I do read the guestbook, and am taking your suggestion, working on pages for the series everyone has been suggesting. It's just been taking me a while... ^_^; Thank you to everybody who has so kindly signed my guestbook.

Mar/14/04- I added summaries for the first 22 episodes of Gals!.

Mar/09/04- I added some more information to Akuma de Sourou. I, also, added a page for Alice 19th.



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