Shuichi wants his band Bad Luck to become famous, but it's going to be a tough journey. When Shuichi meets Eiri, a straightforward and cold novelist, he is basically told that he sucks. After that Shuichi can't get Eiri out of his head. Eiri and Shuichi are sure to meet again, and when they do will sparks fly?

This manga is one of the first shounen-ai manga to be released in America. "Shounen-ai" means "boy love", so if you have a problem with that kind of thing this manga probably isn't for you. I especially liked the characters in this series, I've really grown attached to them... but I don't know why. ^_^;

Gravitation was created by Maki Murakami. It is 12 volumes long and there is an anime. The manga is currently being published in English by TokyoPop.

There are some adult themes. I would rate it 16+.


Shuichi Shindou- The passionate main character. He's very dedicated to his dream of his band, Bad Luck, reaching the top of the charts. Shuichi is a good vocalist, which causes some to be jealous. After being insulted by Eiri he can't get him out of his head. Shuichi realizes he's in love with Eiri. Shuichi can act childish, annoying, overly energetic, and extremely dense, but seems to win over many, even the cold Eiri.


 Eiri Yuki- He is a popular novelist who bumps into Shuichi on the street and insults Shuichi's lyrics (after picking them up and reading them). He is bold, straightforward, cold and sometimes kind of cruel. Even though he doesn't act nice to Shuichi at first he slowly starts to warm up to him. Eiri has had a hard past, which creates some problems in their growing relationship.


Hiroshi Nakano- He is a member of Bad luck and is very popular. He is a very good friend to Shuichi, always being supportive. Whenever Shuichi gets into a fight with Eiri (or kicked out, which happens a lot) he runs to Hiro, who always comforts him. Hiro is actually very book-smart.


Toma Seguchi- Former member of the hit band Nittle Grasper, Toma is now a music producer. He is extremely over-protective of his brother-in-law, Eiri. Toma is one of the barriers in Shuichi and Eiri's romance. He has known Eiri since he was young and knows about his troubled past.


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Ryuichi Sakuma- The amazing vocalist of Nittle Grasper. He usually acts like a child, but when he sings he turns into a totally different, more serious person. Everywhere he goes he carries around a stuffed, pink bunny. Ryuichi is Shuichi's idol. On a personal note, I absolutely adore him! Ryu-chan is soooo adorable! ^.^



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